A Unique Musical Experience!

  • Registration for The first annual Great Lakes Music Camp (GLMC) is now underway and we are honored to offer this camp on one of Lake Michigan’s most beautiful beaches! GLMC is proudly featuring some of the finest instructors in the nation. This camp is for all skill levels and all walks of life. We offer a wide curriculum, several hosted jams, small group picking sessions, Q&A time with instructors and live performances.  We want you to leave this camp with new techniques, concepts, approaches and inspiration. It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience for all.  By design, classes will be small so everyone has personal time with the instructors. The camp has limited availability so register now!




A Hands On Experience

We’re Going to Play alot of music! We won’t bore you with long-winded lectures on lofty theory, we’re going to consider time-tested concepts delivered by our carefully selected staff. 


Expanded Curriculum! 

We offer Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, and Vocal Classes this year. 


Learn at Your Pace!

We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses.


Ensemble Track!

We offer a Group Ensemble Track where campers learn and arrange a tune with their “band” lead by the instructors. Each Ensemble will perform their tune at the end of the weekend and receive an audio and video recording of the performance! We will offer Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Contemporary/New Grass Ensembles this year.


Hosted & Un-hosted Jams!

We offer tons of jam time through the weekend. We have beginner/slow jams. We have unstructured times for you to play whatever you want. We have staff-hosted jams and plenty of genre-themed sessions.


Staff Concerts & Performances!

We offer intimate performances each night of the camp. Some of these are open to the public and some are just for our campers. See the masters up-close and personal in a beautiful setting. 


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Music is meant to be shared! That is why we offer an ensemble track. This is an excellent way for you to share time with the instructors in a collaborative setting working up a tune that you and your “bandmates” will then perform to close out the camp on Sunday. These performances will be recorded and available to you shortly after the camp.


What is an Ensemble Track?

Instructors are arranged into 3 groups and campers decide which group they want to study with for the weekend. This is an opportunity for all instruments to work together on 1 or 2 common tunes. Students and instructors will arrange and rehearse the tune through the weekend at designated class times and perform the piece at the end of the weekend.


Do I have to do the Ensemble Track?

No. If you would prefer to opt out of the ensemble we will be offering “electives” during these times.


Can all levels of experience participate?

Yes! Even if you are just learning there is always an important role you can play in a band setting. The instructors will break the band out into small groups in the beginning of the class and arrange string sections based on the levels of the students. We encourage anyone interested in this to join in the fun, regardless of experience or skill level.


How do I sign up for the Ensemble?

It’s simple! just send an email to : info@greatlakesmusic.org and in the email give us your name, the instrument you play, and what ensemble you’d like to join.


What will we play?

We will select the tunes, provide the tab and the sheet music, and get this information to all campers in July. The music will be available on our website and at the camp. If you don’t read music, don’t worry!


Ensemble Groups

Old-Time Ensemble: Bruce Molsky (fiddle), Bruce Ling (guitar), Joe K. Walsh (mandolin)

Bluegrass Ensemble: Kenny Smith (guitar), Don Julin (mandolin), Bill Evans (banjo)

Contemporary Ensemble: Hayes Griffin (guitar), David Benedict (mandolin), John Mailander (fiddle), Keith Billick (banjo)



If your fingers need a little rest after a long day of classes we’ve got just the thing this year. We will be showing three music documentaries/movies through the weekend in the “Fireside” room. This is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse/guest at the end of a long day. Lake Michigan, a cozy fireplace, and a movie…it’s about as relaxing as it gets!



This schedule is a work in progress but gives you an idea of the weekend. We will update this schedule and offer course descriptions in July. Stay tuned!