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Jane Rothfield


Janie is a power-house American fiddler, clawhammer banjo and guitar player who is widely recognized for her traditional and inventive style, in the pocket rhythm, whimsical groove and her award-winning original tunes. She is a full time touring musician playing concerts, workshops, festivals and dances around the world and online.   Janie has been performing, recording and teaching music that is rooted in Traditional American and Celtic Music since her teens when she started playing with older generation musicians from New England, North Carolina and Quebec. With over 15 recordings to her credit,  Janie has traveled the world with her unique brand of traditional based music including the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, Canada and throughout the USA.  Janie is also the founder and director (and instructor) of Janie’s Jumpstart Home Based Weekend Music Camps held in homes around the world! Janie currently performs as a solo artist and with duo with Scottish Singer/Guitarist ALLAN CARR (her husband), BEVERLEY STREET (Old Time and Celtic Music), THE IDUMEA QUARTET (innovative old time string quartet), HEN’S TEETH (with cellist Nathan Bontrager), LITTLE MISSY (duo with daughter Shona Carr), CORACREE (Contra Dance and Folk Band) and with Breton Fiddle star, YUNA LEON and since September 2020, HOT OLD TIME (and CELTIC MUSIC) TRIO-BEVERLEY STREET!!

“Jane is just fantastic to work with. I’ve worked with her on banjo and fiddle, though more on fiddle. She is really expressive and articulate and can find ways to explain complex bowings or banjo moves that make them easy. Jane is also relentlessly positive and really helps to motivate you and keep you playing. She’s encouraging without seeming false about it, she just genuinely wants to share her love of the music with you and wants you to advance and enjoy/love the music too. It’s a fun, low-stress, but productive experience working with her.” – Ashleigh Smythe-Fiddle Lexington (VA)