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Jason Wheeler


A touring musician, instructor, and Executive Director of The Great Lakes Music Camp, Jason Wheeler has been immersed in the mandolin for nearly two decades, focusing on old-time and bluegrass music. Having performed with several outfits such as Hawks & Owls String Band, Junior Valentine, Mark Lavengood, and Fauxgrass over the years, Wheeler has developed a love and appreciation for old music and a drive to reinvent himself as a human and instructor with each note.

Wheeler has studied under Don Julin, Don Steirnberg, Bruce Ling, and several notable instructors as well as having attended countless music camps throughout the last decade. Jason has performed more than 100 shows a year for more than seven years with Fauxgrass and still manages to maintain a steady teaching schedule.

With a practical approach to instruction, Wheeler encourages students to enjoy the learning process and get as much time playing and learning tunes as possible. Workshops will be focused on learning tunes and discovering different ways to express and improvise on the mandolin.