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Stash Wyslouch


Polish-Colombian Stash Wyslouch is an avant-garde bluegrass guitarist. Imagine the bastard child of Bill Monroe and Sun Ra. Stash’s music dances between wild originals and re-imaginations of bluegrass standards with a penchant for improvisation, story-telling, gospel and outer-space worthy composition. He’s released 3 albums of original music with his own group, The Stash Band, that’s been described by the Boston Herald as a “Sonic Kaleidoscopic of Weirdness and Wonder.”

“STASH and his band have really broken musical boundaries by doing things that just don’t seem possible on acoustic instruments.” – Billy Strings

“A brilliant and Free-thinking Mind” – Chris Eldridge (The Punch Brothers)

“Heavy acoustic laced with musical cosmology” – Tony Trischka

When he’s not doing his own thing, Stash can be found playing with the likes of Bruce Molsky’s Mountain Drifters, the Jacob Jolliff Band and Tony Trischka.

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