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Zoe Guigueno


Zoe Guigueno (GIG-an-oh) is a bassist & songwriter headquartered in New York City. Her most recent solo album, We Were Radar Stations, came out on Fiddlehead Records in October 2022. Her music has been described as having a “jagged, poetic design” (The Wild Is Calling) and a “kaleidoscopic sonic formula” (Mesmerized).  Zoe studied jazz at Humber College in Toronto “has been touring internationally ever since in many styles of music. These days, she can often be found on the road with Laura Cortese” the Dance Cards (pop/folk string trio), Michael Winograd “the Honorable Mentshn (klezmer), and The Faux Paws (let’s say americana). Bragging rights include working with Steve Martin “Martin Short (as part of the Grammy nominated group Della Mae), opening for Snarky Puppy as part of the Michelle Willis trio, playing with the Mountain Goats as part of Laura Cortese” the Dance Cards, touring in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Jordan, Russia, and all over Europe, signing certain body parts at a festival merch tent, appearing on the Grand Ol’ Opry, performing spontaneously with Jane Siberry, and having a two-second cameo in the Paul Motian documentary with banjo player Taylor Ashton.