Spring WorkShop Classes

Betse Ellis: Ozark Fiddle Gems

Description: Let’s dig into some lesser-known Ozark tunes to sweeten up our repertoire. You’ll learn the tunes by ear, and in particular, you’ll learn how the iconic elements of bowing inform the notes and phrasing in a tune. It’s a bit different approach than the “up-down” type of learning tunes: more focus on how the notes are made with both hands, rather than the left hand first and then the right.

Class level: Intermediate or beyond is ideal, but all are welcome. If you feel you are almost at intermediate level, you will get plenty out of this class too. You will be invited to record segments of the class for later review.

Clarke Wyatt: 3 Shapes to Banjo Glory

Description: Clarke will present three chord shapes and three positions that will make it easy to play in any key on the ENTIRE fingerboard. He will also show some extras in each of these positions so you’ll always be able to find the melody or improvise any where up and down the neck. This really will change how you perceive the fingerboard. Clarke plays three-finger banjo on a resonator banjo – open-back banjos welcome too.

Class Level: Though this is aimed at intermediate players, any level of player will benefit from this workshop.

Seth Bernard: Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation

Description: A collaborative songwriting workshop built on the intrinsic and historical power of music. This creative empowerment process will provide valuable tools, experience, and confidence to bring into future collaborations, and into your daily songwriting practices.

Class Level: This workshop is for all levels of experience, all ages, and instrumentation.

Bruce Ling: Mandolin Waltz Workshop

Description: The focus of this workshop is to expand your repertoire! We will focus on a traditional American waltz and a 17 th century Irish waltz that feature elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and improvisation that can be used across a wide spectrum of applications on the mandolin. Higher levels of experience will benefit from melodic, harmonic, and improvisational considerations while beginner and intermediate levels will further develop the foundations for rhythm, melody, and playing in ¾. Tablature included.

Class Level: All levels of experience